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Zero Addiction In Pakistan

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Zero Addiction In Pakistan

What Is Addiction?

Addiction Is Persistent Use Of Mood-altering Substances (Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Etc.) Under Uncontrolled Urge To Use Them Despite Knowing The Repercussions. The State is additionally referred to as Dependency. This Urge, If Not Attended In Time Both Psychologically And Physiologically, Starts Affecting Social, Behavioral, And Medical Well Being Of The Addict. The Repercussions May Include, But Not Be Limited To, Dreadful Diseases Like Cancer And/or Organ Failure, Gross And Fine Neuromotor Dysfunction, Impaired Cognitive Ability, Psycho Social Neglect, And In Some Cases Even Death.like Any Other Disease, Addiction Also Requires A Treatment For Complete Cure, Both Medically And Psychologically. Medically To Cure Body’s Dependency On Such Substances And To Detoxify The Body For Absorbed Toxic Substances, And Psychologically to extend Body’s Ability To Sustain The Withdrawal And Gain Mental Strength To Oppose And Control The Urge To Use.

Four Different Properties Of physical body Getting suffering from Alcohol, Cigarettes And Tobacco Includes –
Tamas (Inertia Of Mind) –
People With the sort Of Property Suffers From Mental Disorders And In Such Cases it’s vital To settle down Patients Mind First.
Vata (Air Properties Of Human Body) –
People With Air Properties Feels the necessity Of Smoking To settle down Their Anxiety and obtain Distracted From Worries.
Pitta (Fire Properties In Human Body) –
The Fire Properties In Such People Tend to realize Attraction Towards Addition Just To Feel More Powerful.
Kapha (Water Properties Of Human Body) –
Such People just like the Stimulating Power Of Tobacco and obtain hooked in to It.
Zero Addiction Powder
Has good way To Treat Addiction Problems Of The People With Different Properties. it’s made from Some Major Ayurvedic Ingredients which will Make It Not Just Helps In Getting Out Of The Addiction By Also Improves Overall Health..


It Is The Safest thanks to Cure Addiction Problems In physical body .
It Is Made from All Herbal Ingredients And Has No Side Effects.
Easy To Use and may Be Taken Through Mixing In Meals.
No Strict Guidelines to require the drugs . you’ll Take It Anytime Twice each day .


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