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Papaya Breast Enlargement Oil


Encouraging Female Hormones, Regulating Endocrine Glands, Preventing Breast Cancer, And Tumor Formation.
Take Appropriate Amount Of This Product And Gently Massage It In The Desired Position.
This Product Is The Compound Essential Oil After Deployment And Can Be Used Directly.

Payment::Cash On Delivery
Check Warrnty:7 Days Check & Money Back Warranty
Call& whatsapp:03017615000
Original:100% Original & Workable
Delivery Time:2 To 3 Days In All Over Pakistan.


Papaya Breast Enlargement Oil In Pakistan

  • 1.Use a hot towel to use the Breast for 4-6 minutes.
    2.Apply the merchandise evenly on Breast.
    3.One-handed massage to reinforce the Breast (both hands alternately, about 10 times).
    4.Both hands alternately lifted the Breast from rock bottom up (about 10 times) ).
    5.Two-handed thumb massage alternating massage (about 10 times).
    6.Two hands massage alternating to shaped Breast (about 10 times).
    7.Two hands simultaneously inward and upward lifting Breast (about 10 times).


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